Parent Education

  • What parents assume is not always reality.

    It is AngelWatch’s and our Center’s responsibilty to educate parents on realities of the Safety and Security.




    Information is key in educating parents, the same as their children. We have formatted information to educate your parents and make them realize the difference in an AngelWatch National Accredited Center and all of the rest.


    Some of our information for Centers to give their parents:


    Parents would like to think that their children are safe when they put them in the care of others

    Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The people that dedicate their lives to children in daycare are teachers and professional caregivers, they are not trained to handle life-and-death emergencies. That is the AngelWatch National Accreditation Program was created.

    The accreditation is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security and by the American Red Cross to make sure that Safety and Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting your children.

    States mandate minimum training when it comes to Safety and Security, that is including basic CPR and first aid training. 
    The criteria that the state mandates let’s each Center make their own emergency procedures and then it is approved by the state.
    Unfortunately, the people that are involved in daycares, preschools and Early Learning Centers are not trained in these types of training.

    There are very few state-mandated courses.
    The reason why?  There are no “cookie cutter” techniques or training that can be done in a facility. Each facility is different, each facilities classrooms are different, there is no way that they can give such trainings.

    One of the reasons why they can’t give the training as they have no one qualified to do it.
    No matter how hard we try or how a state would want to, there are not sufficient qualified personnel to do such specialized training for every Center.

    As an AngelWatch National Accredited Center, Our Center will be receiving annual training in


    • CPR and first aid training for the entire Center
    • Medical administration training
    • AED training
    • Emergency lockdown training
    • Fire evacuation training
    • Emergency evacuation training
    • Abduction preventative training
    • Bomb threat training
    • Security threat assessment training
    • Active shooter training and scenario
    • Other trainings given as per center’s needs


    Along with our certified training, we also installed the AngelWatch System, a state-of-the-art patented technology for the protection of your children.

    This includes that not limited to are triple encrypted coated systems, parental access feeds, Emergency Services feeds and other AngelWatch technologies that AngelWatch will be releasing in the near future that parents will be able to purchase in stores across the country.

    Our Center is doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that your children are as safe as they can be.

    For more information please feel free to visit the AngelWatch website at www.AngelWatch.Net