Our Technology

How Does AngelWatch Work?
  • The Best Minds in the Industry

    AngelWatch uses Patented state of the art technologies

    in our Micro-Computers. Our Research & Development Teams are constantly testing and developing new technologies to make your lives a little easier. Our teams have one common goal, to give your needed information about your loved one and to help families feel more at ease about day to day living.

    Each AngelWatch system is specifically designed for each Center’s needs. Each location is assessed to make sure that the quality, security and field of views are perfect. We leave nothing to chance, from the proper lens use of each of our systems to make sure that you get the best picture zoom qualities in all lighting circumstances, to what type of microphones are used for the best audio possible (audio version is an option).

  • Leading the industry into new technologies

    Patented Triple Encrypted Coded System

    AngelWatch SST (Secured System Technology) works off our secured Patented Triple Encrypted Coded System meaning it is the same system that is used in banks around the world.  Our networks have numerous firewalls of protection with password / passcode systems.  To put it in an easier term you do not see on the news that Bank of America just lost 3 trillion dollars out of their customers’ accounts and they do not know how it happened or where the lost money went.

    AngelWatch’s Patented Wi-Fi system passwords are on a rotating system as an extra step of precaution to make AngelWatch fail safe for that extra level of Security that parents deserve.

  • Layered Levels of Security

    Everywhere you go, if you know it or not, you are on camera. If you go to a store, when you are driving your car, almost every public place and business has some sort of cameras and recording devices.

    At AngelWatch we leave nothing to chance in keeping your privacy and keeping you and your family safe. For over 20 years, Vortek International Protective Services www.VortekUSA.com has been providing different levels and types of Security from private and corporate industries, personal family protection, government facilities, to supplementing police and military forces in over 20 countries.

    Vortek International has been hired by heads of state, princess and even kings to protect them, their families, their businesses and properties. This is the foundation of security and integrity on which AngleWatch was founded.

  • Some of our steps to protect your Family

    • Step 1

      Once an Angel Watch system becomes operational, the first level of Wi-Fi protection is our Patented Triple Encrypted Coded System, which breaks everything down into code se there is no video or audio stream to hack.

    • Step 2

      The Triple Encrypted Code is then sent via Wi-Fi to our server system that is guarded by numerous state of the art spy wares programs and passwords verification programs.

    • Step 3

      At this time Angel Watch has to use another password protected system to access the code.

    • Step 4

      A feed request is then sent to the parent’s personal email, which has been verified by the client through hard copy at the center where the parent has to fill it out in person while day care staff is watching.

    • Step 5

      The parent then has to give AngelWatch all of their child’s information including center name location and answer other various questions.

    • Step 6

      AngelWatch will then cross reference all of the information to make sure it is correct then send them log in information to their personal email (which is also password protected) and follow easy to use download instructions and enjoy AngelWatch. A password is needed once the download is complete for another level of protection and privacy. This password has to be put in every time to watch the encrypted information, so if you put your phone or device down no one can just pick it up and open the APP and watch.

    If a client’s device is lost or stolen they immediately call AngelWatch and the feed is cut immediately.  With AngelWatch your concerns are our concerns when it comes to your Family.

  • The AngelWatch Advantage

      AngelWatch  Webcam or Companies             



    24/7/ surveillance       X  X  X
     Recorded for over 30 days                X
     Download capabilities   X  X
     Photo capabilities      X  X  X
     4K HD                            
     Up to 360-degree view         X    X
     Single room viewers  X    
     Shared single room viewers           X    
     Secured System Technology viewing       X    
     Secured System Technology downloading     
     Zooming capabilities  X  X  X
     Instant access to Police. Fire & EMS     X    
     Tells temperature of child  X    
    Tells heartrate of child                   X    
    Tells if child is hydrated                X    
     Tells sleeping patterns of child  X    
    Tells where child is located in center  X    
     Alerts if child gets out of area     X    
    Other NEW Technologies being released         X    
    OUT OF POCKET COST TO CENTER                             Free  X  X