What does it mean for your Center to be AngelWatch Accredited?

  • The AngelWatch Accreditation is a higher standard for Security & Safety that is required for licensing in all 50 states.

    Our AngelWatch National Accreditation Program has made us the Safest Center in the area! Safety is AngelWatch’s and Our Centers #1 Priority

    We give you a marketing Edge above all of your competition.

    It will also get you a reduction in your insurance premiums.

    All of our Accredited centers are either at full capacity within 12 months or sooner.

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  • First, it is protection for your staff & center while giving peace of mind to your parents 
    AngelWatch will make your Center the Safest Center in your area.  There is not a Parent that will not Love knowing that:
     Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians will now be able to assess a situation before getting to the emergency.


  • AngelWatch will take your Center to its maximum potential

    We will show you how to make more money with your Center.

    We also offer design tips that will give you the best yield per dollar per square foot in your facility.

    We give you redesign tips and information for your website included with informational commercials about what it means to be an AngelWatch Accredited Center that will make you stand out from all other day care websites.

    Give you another Revenue stream even if your Center is at full capacity

  • Safety is AngelWatch’s #1 Priority

    In today’s society people are concerned with safety now more than ever, for themselves and for their family. AngelWatch will give you the knowledge on how to handle any emergency.

    All of our procedural plans are more in depth than any state required plans.

    • We certify your staff in CPR and First Aid
    • MAT Certification / Medication Administration Training
    • Emergency procedures
    • Fire evacuation procedures
    • Lockdown procedures
    • Security evaluation
    • Threat assessment
  • Protection for Your Center

    Keep your Center & your Staff protected at all times. Every day care center knows that many things can happen when a child is in your care. One simple accident can cost you everything from investigations, lawsuits and loss of your license. We also know that children can be coerced into saying anything by a parent or another child not realizing the consequences of the child’s actions.  With Angel Watch you will be 100% protected at all times from any claim, accusation, due diligence, lawsuit or criminal charges.

    It also shows that the center has done its due diligence on protecting both the children and your staff.

     Your parents only have access to their child’s area / room only. These are the parents that their children are interacting with in and out of the center. AngelWatch gets rid of all of your liability with just 1 informational page for the parent to sign that is added to your existing packet.

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  • What AngelWatch will do for your center:

    • Stop phone calls from parents checking in on their children
    • No more emails
    • No more text messages
    • No more having to send pictures
    • No more accusations & false claims
    • No more screaming & upset parents
    • No more wondering about your staff
    • No more having to explain the “what happened” moments

    • AngelWatch has not only increased my enrollment, it has protected
      me numerous times when a child has had an accident and it shows
      the parent that it was just that, an accident

      Valarie P. Owner, New Wonders
      New Wonders
    • Not only do my parents love it, AngelWatch has my staff feeling
      more protected than ever. There are some very concerned parents
      that use to come in very upset if their child had a little mark from
      falling, now we are completely protected

      Stella M
      Starlite Learning Center
    • Since I became AngelWatch accredited, I have filled my center,
      my parents are thrilled, my staff feels protected and my insurance
      has dropped 20%. I couldn’t be happier

      Gahna M
      Laugh Love and Learn
    • We had a parent make an accusation to the state after I already
      showed her through AngelWatch that nothing happened.
      The parent still called the State, they sent an Investigator
      I showed her the what the parent was talking about,
      the Investigator LOVES AngelWatch and the case
      was closed that day!
      I couldn’t be happier that I am with AngelWatch

      Maria G.
      All Because We care
    • We became AngelWatch Accredited before we even opened.
      Every tour that I given I have showed them the AngelWatch Video explaining what AngelWatch is and what it means, EVERY parent have signed up their Children.
      They professionals showed us how to design our center and each room, helped with our web site and it cost us nothing!
      We could not be happier.

      Maria S.
      Moma 'n Cubs
    • I can’t believe the difference that AngelWatch has made in my business.
      It’s just amazing to see my day care thriving like this

      Melody K
      Little Lords and Ladies
    • I have been in business over 20 years and I have never had so many
      new enrollments this fast in my life. My staff loves know that they are
      protected at all times

      Sandra K
      Tree of Life
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  • AngelWatch Target Marketing Program:

    With a partnership agreement with AngelWatch we now have an investment in your center and we want to make your center the best it can possibly be. Our professional marketing team will and designers will do everything for you at our expense. We can do everything from redesigning your logos to help with your web design and informational pamphlets. 

    Our marketing team or professionals will target market your business to make sure that you get to full enrollment all at AngelWatch’s expense. 

  • More Clients:

    Day Care Centers with Angel Watch are getting more clients; not only from word of mouth from other Centers, also by parents that have their children in a facility with AngelWatch.  The AngelWatch Website will soon have a page so a parent can put in their zip code and your center will be on our site with your telephone number and your web address (if applicable).

    Notoriety & Transparency:

    • Angel Watch will show the Center has a very competent and vetted staff.
    • Angel Watch will show the Center cares about the parents’ peace of mind.
    • Angel Watch will show the Center has absolutely nothing to hide.
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  • Your Staff:

    Once the Center’s staff is told and educated about the Angel Watch system; the staff will naturally become better employees. The System will let the staff know that someone is watching all the time, by either a parent or the Center’s Management. The System will create a win / win for the parents and the Center.