About the Founder

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  • Business:

    Dave Vitalli is the Director of International Operations for Vortek International which handles all levels of Security from Corporate (private industry) to local, state and federal government contracts. Vortek, being a Department of Defense Contractor, works throughout the United States and in 22 Countries around the globe supplementing Military and Police forces as needed in numerous conflicts.

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  • Personal Life

    Dave has been on over 300 Episodes of the MAURY show as the lead guest talent and the Special Ops Investigator to help people find out what is really going on in their relationships. Dave also Mentored for the SCARED STRAIGHT programs for “out of Control Teens “and the “Controlling Men” Episodes on NBC Universal Talk Television. He is now signed to VIACOM with his own show My Dysfunctional Family on CMT Network. Dave Goes and helps Families around the Country that are in distress and are at the end of their ropes when it comes to their families. Dave has dedicated his life to helping people no matter what the cost it takes on him.

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  • Volunteer Work:

    Dave Vitalli will do anything that he can to help people that are in need or suffering due to any circumstance. He also has volunteer “Search & Rescue” K-9 Teams that operate all over the world. The stories and articles on Dave’s Heroics from the devastation on 9.11.01 at the World Trade Center to the natural disasters left in the path from Hurricane Katrina. He also works with children with his own “Big Brother” type of program that he developed in low income and section 8 housing projects, along with counseling and mentoring children and young adults to help them through rough times as Dave has had in his own personal life as a child. He has done grief counseling for families that have had their lives destroyed by drugs, alcohol, parenting issues, natural disasters and war.

  • Founded:

    WORK FOR WARRIORS program to help get Veterans jobs when returning home.

    Charity work:

    ST Jude Children Hospital, Catholic Charities, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, AnyMarine.com, NO KID HUNGRY Program, Section 8 & HUD Programs (helping children & families Mentoring)

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