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    What parents assume is not always reality.

    It is AngelWatch’s and our Center’s responsibility to educate parents on realities of Safety and Security.

    Parents would like to think that their children are safe when they put them in the care of others

    Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The people that dedicate their lives to children in daycares, preschools and schools are teachers and professional caregivers, they are not trained to handle life-and-death emergencies. That is why the Angel watch national accreditation program was created.

    AngelWatch’s National Accreditation Program provides higher training than any state mandates for all of the Center’s staff. Our certifications will cover any & all emergencies that may arise by supplying the center with valuable information and training, thus making the staff aware of how to handle any situation.  

    Our National Accreditation includes:

    • We certify all your staff in CPR and First Aid
    • MAT Certification / Medication Administration Training
    • Emergency procedure
    • Active shooter
    • Bomb threats
    • Parent / child abductions
    • Fire evacuation procedures & Equipment
    • Lockdown Procedures & Equipment
    • Security evaluations
    • Threat assessment
    • Full Security plans for any situation
    • ​Other Certification are given if need be​

    Some of our Patented Technology will allow each parent the peace of mind by easily checking in on their children with just a simple touch of their smart device through our Triple Encrypted Coded System. When it’s time get back to your career, we understand, as parents, what it’s like to leave your children at a daycare center. Even when leaving our children in the hands of trusted professionals, you still wish there was another option to make sure your children are safe. Angel Watch brings parents the comfort and peace of mind by seeing their children at any moment of the day… And now you can. 

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  • AngelWatch knows in a time of crisis or of an emergency that seconds can make a difference between life and death.  AngelWatch has now made it possible that in case of any emergency that all emergency services will have instant access to your Child.  Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians will now be able to assess a situation before getting to the emergency.


  • Our AngelWatch Patented Technologies

    Calling an AngelWatch System a camera system is like calling your iPhone or Android just a camera. Our Patented Services & System are designed for much, much more.  Our Services & Systems will now let the Center know what is going on within their Center at all times. 
    • Allows parents tocheck in on their children for 60 second time frames. This is to ensure that nobody will have continued access to it if you leave your device or computer open, so it will automatically close.

    • This Secured System Technology (SST) is in full HD and is available whenever you would like (24/7).

    • Captures 60 frames per second at 1080 HD or 4000 HD capabilities.

    • Works as its own separate unit you only see your child in your child’s room.

    • Automatically signs you out if you leave the system on for your child’s privacy.

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  • Angel Watch is a Patented Triple Encrypted Coded System, which is the same system that is used in banks around the world!

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  • This System Will Track:

    • Heart Rate
    • Temperature
    • Sleeping Patterns and Hydration
    • Where Your Child is Located
  • Our System is on a Patented Protected network that only the parent can see through a portal on our protected servers, network and APP. Parents can now check in on their children laughing and playing, as much as they would like or need to. Parents can also capture moments that they would normally miss and only be able to hear about from you, the day care provider. The system is also saved within the cloud for 30 days, so you can go back at your leisure to see your child’s day. You can view moments that you would normally miss, such as their first steps, Birthday celebrations and Holiday celebrations.

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  • AngelWatch is founded on the belief that our children will always come first while also protecting reputable daycare centers

  • For Peace of Mind

  • All parents have some sort of anxiety when it comes to their families, especially their children. We at Angel Watch know what it is like. We all wonder if they are safe. We all wonder what they are doing when they are not with us. When you hear a siren out your window or you see an ambulance or fire truck go by, you get that frightened feeling in the pit of your stomach. This happens to us all. Any time of the day, at work or doing your daily routine, it is just a fact of life. Some people’s cases are more severe than others, but no matter what the case we at Angel Watch want to help.
    According to US Statistics, it is estimated that roughly 60 million adults suffer from adult separation anxiety disorder. It is believed that 77% of adults suffering from ASAD (adult separation anxiety disorder) will not experience symptoms until adulthood and have their own families.      

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  • ASAD can cause numerous problems for parents and can cause stress on their relationships with family, friends and co-workers along with not being able to cope with day to day situations regarding their personal lives and career. 

    Studies have shown that a person with ASAD is, on an average, 37% less productive in their careers and up to 60% less productive in their personal relationships. This is one of the reasons why AngelWatch was created.  

    Life is hard enough without having added stressors from worrying about your loved ones. AngelWatch will help alleviate those stressors from Separation Anxiety. In today’s society, there is enough to worry about. Let us take some of that burden off of your shoulders. 

  • For Safety

  • Unfortunately, a parent’s worst nightmare can, and has, come true. In 2015, the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Administration for Children & Families, had over 3 Million cases of reported Child Abuse. Unfortunately, stories like these are becoming more common place everyday across the country. These links and headlines are not something that we had to search for; these are everyday headlines in news stories around the country.

    These incidents are not isolated; they can and do occur everywhere, to anyone, no matter their means, ethnicity or culture. Now, across the US, parents know that their child is safe. They know that day care centers with AngelWatch are confident with their staff. They know that they have vetted and trained their employees to do their jobs professionally. They know that they provide the best care and daycare services.

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    This is why day cares become a part of the AngelWatch Family. This shows their parents that they are the best at what they do.

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    New charges filed against daycare worker accused of sexual assault

    New charges filed against daycare worker accused of sexual assault
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    Child abuse allegations lead to two arrests

    Two child care workers arrested after abuse and neglect complaints


  • For Security


    In 2015 there where almost 500,000 missing children entries to law enforcement in the United States. For the centers that use AngelWatch, it shows the parent that their children’s
    safety is paramount. Not only does AngelWatch put our systems in for Safety and Peace of Mind, we have our systems watching for child predators. All parents and families watch stories about abduction on the evening news or on daily talk shows. You sit and listen to these stories from the people and the families that have fallen victim to these nightmares. In your mind, you think “this can’t happen where we live” or “I don’t know what I would do if this happen to my child.”

    The harsh reality is that it can and does happen. We at AngelWatch know that and so do the centers that have partnered with us. It shows that they care. It shows that they will do everything in their power to make sure that it does not happen to the children that they have been entrusted to take care of.

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